Drowning in fashion misery?
Bogged down by negative self-perception?
Or simply floating in suspended motion?

Concept and styling: Neha Singla

Today, we idolize a trance-like perfection: perfect hair, perfect body, perfect skin, perfect shoes, perfect dress… and in the quest for this illusive perfection we become insignificant commodities. Nothing can stop us, nothing else matters when we want to reach the zenith of external beauty: only an insatiable desire to attain an unrealistic image of ourselves.

Our entire existence is affected by this mania: People. Social interactions. Communication. Synergy…. These are some of the words for which our fashionista develops a deep-seated animosity. She confines herself to her imaginary distortions just like an infant in her mother’s womb: disconnected from the outside world. Making friends is no more relevant to the modern day narcissist.

It is ironic how physical beauty becomes utterly monstrous in the voyage to conform to the ideal image. How for a fashion obsessed teenager, getting good grades in school for that beautiful Zara dress becomes the only motive in life. How to achieve that model like figure, we girls just abandon food, like rats abandon the sinking ship. This idée fixe leads to a distorted and destructive self, sinking us deeper in an ocean of misery and low self- esteem. We don’t realize and in no time at all, the monster within grows into a dominating despot, high and mighty, leaving us vulnerable and helpless.

Concept and styling: Neha Singla

But, let’s face it: no matter how domineering or bossy the monster is, we are the queens of our own lives. When we get behind the driver’s seat after three too many drinks that is our very own decision.

Whether we want to or not, we have to own up to the choices we make: and the good news is that taking charge of your own life is empowering enough. You then know that it is you, who has let the monster take a more elevated position than your own self. As they say “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in us.”

We just have to stop treasuring short-term rewards and focus on long term effects. If you fall off the wagon initially, just don’t give up hope. As Napoleon Hill has rightly quoted:

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.

So just be cognizant of the fact that the chain that binds you is only real if you believe it is and how breaking it can set you free and make you more babelicious than ever before.


Final Magazine Editorial