How to lead a sexless life and be a fucking genius?


Having sex these days is like a daily dose of vitamin for the body, without which it seems almost impossible to survive. Nevertheless there’s a new breed emerging to the surface proving a new direction. They are the asexuals, infamously classed as the fourth sexual orientation, people without any sexual desire or feeling. Is asexuality the new NORM?…

Let’s not confuse asexuals with homosexuals or bisexuals. For a matter of fact, the latter two do have a sexual desire (strong enough) for either the same sex or the opposite sex. Furthermore asexuality is not celibacy, which means not having sex for whatever reason, though having the orientation. And you dare not categorize them as impotent, if they desire, they can give birth to any number of babies you want.

Asexuality is simply a sexual orientation where the person does not experience sexual desires of any kind: however startling it may sound, it is a reality. Breasts. Vaginas. Penises. These so called sexual organs don’t generate any erotic fetishism in asexuals. Isn’t it an anomaly in a world that is otherwise over obsessed with sex?

However, research reports that asexuality is around as long as sexuality itself. Notable people such as scientist Issac Newton, Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, English art critic John Ruskin were considered to be asexuals. They never showed any interest in women or men per se, indeed they seemed to lack physical attraction or desire for sex. Surprisingly enough, John Ruskin was initially married but later got divorced; rumoured to have refused any physical contact with his wife.

Perhaps that’s the reason behind their success: they devoted all the time in the world to their passions.

Glenn Gould- the great Canadian Pianist of the 20th century

Rumors have always been ripe about Karl Lagerfeld, the legend himself, being an asexual. However, for the man who has never revealed his exact birth date, revealing his actual sexuality is beyond our imagination. Furthermore the social media is always abuzz about the alleged asexuality of Tim Gunn, the man who has multiple credits to his name. Not to mention, he served as an associate dean at Parsons from 1989-2000, only to become a chair later, at the famous design school.

Anthony Bogaert, associate professor at Brock University and author of Understanding Asexuality, has been researching on asexuality since many years now. Interesting facts came forth: 1% of Britain’s population is asexual. As he remarks in his book:

“There are two forms – those who have some level of sex drive, but don’t direct this toward others (they may masturbate) and some who have no sex drive.”

He believes that asexuality is a reaction to the oversexualization of our culture.

In 2006 american asexual activist David Jay felt the need of founding the website AVEN – Asexual Visibility & Education Network to find like minded people and start a discussion.

“Sometimes I believe its difficult to be asexual in this world that is so focused on sexuality. I have known that I was an asexual since I was about 14-15. Kind of when all my friends started to realize that they were interested in sex but I couldn’t relate to what they were going through.”

He said of his [a]sexual orientation.

After its foundation the website really took off and today they have over 12,000 members across the world. Below you can watch David coming out publicly in an interview on the NBC network.

Rare sexual orientation? Dysfunction? Sexual aversion disorder? Whatever asexuality is, there is no denying that though having zero sexual attraction, these people can still be involved in pure romantic relationship with someone. They lead sexless lives and they love it.

Holding hands is as far as I would ever take anything. For me sex is just revulsion, it really is. Just ugh!! Cuddling, that’s OK, not kissing.

Anwen Hayward, a 20 years old student at Aberystwyth University told The Telegraph in an interview.

Not the entire world is going crazy over screwing itself. There are many out there (hidden or just hesitant) who lack the libido. Maybe for them sex is just a brouhaha and they feel happy and content irrespective of the so called physical need phenomenon.

Maybe that’s how a genius is born!