Boeing is Developing Hand-held UV Wands to Disinfect Cockpits And Cabins

After various international airlines & airports, it’s Boeing Co. that is looking at Ultraviolet (UV) technology to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company is developing a hand-held wand that emits ultraviolet light to neutralize bacteria and viruses, part of a suite of methods to disinfect flight deck surfaces and controls, as well as surfaces throughout the cabin. The wand would eliminate the need for using alcohol or other disinfectants that could damage sensitive electronic equipment, explained Rae Lutters, Chief Engineer for Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator Program as reported by Fox Business.

Here, it is important to throw some light on Florida’s Atlas Aviation incident, reported last month, where the instrument panels of two of its Cessna 172 aircrafts were damaged due to improper use of disinfecting liquids or sprays. The incident occurred while the aircrafts were rented and led to costly repairs. This re-instills the fact that UV technology could become an alternative to disinfect aircrafts and other expensive machinery.

Boeing is looking at licensing the wand technology and hiring third-party companies in the fall to begin manufacturing for commercial use. It has been working on the technology with 13 different airlines. Doug Christensen, a Boeing Technical Fellow, leading testing of the wand prototype, asserted that there’s a ‘very strong interest’ from various carriers in a bid to restore public’s confidence in flying again.

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